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I am Zunette, an International Certified Image Consultant and Personal Stylist and member of AICI.  I have been working in the industry since 2012 giving corporate workshops, helping men and women from all ages to discover their unique personal style.  Where my journey in the industry started by training my candidate attorneys in my law firm, the power of business and corporate dressing. It now complete the full circle where I train my corporate clients on retirement how to revive their wardrobe for this new chapter in their lives.  

From corporate to retirement, I love working with my clients to rediscover their authentic Identity, Style Archetype and Colour Palette to enable them to have stylish and organized wardrobe to always feel confidentin who they are and to live their best live. In just four steps you can have your Style Confidence back. Let me help you go from frustrated by not knowing what to wear and from trying to copy others’ style; to cultivate your own unique style. From the dreaded clutter closet overwhelm to an organized closet with outfits you love! 

I am Zunette, your Personal Online Stylist.  How can I help you?

I also believe men owe it to themselves to be given the opportunity to get to know their personality. While character is and always will be more important than what’s on the surface, the fact remains that if your appearance turns people off, your character may never get a chance to shine. The total picture you portray needs to be in harmony, the way you look must compliment the way you act.


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“As image consultants we do not make people, we just remind them of their beauty.”

By Ferial

Zunette Image And Style started off as a dream and has now grown into a Global Company.

If I have to think back in time on where did my love for styling come from, I have to give credit to my mom. She was an amazing woman and I remember her trying to teach her four children some etiquette, by having the chef prepared a tea trolley twice a day. We had to come in from playing outside, wash our hands and enjoy tea and scones or sandwiches in a proper manner. Mom worn her hair in an elegant French roll, she used to wear classic, elegant suits and as from 1 April, we were not allowed to walk around with sleeveless tops and open toe shoes, as it was the beginning of Autumn. As from1 September (Spring) we were allowed to wear “lighter” clothes. As the eldest girl, this made a big impact on me. My two older brothers were neither concerned, nor interested. And my youngest sister was still a baby.

I soon realized to empower my candidate attorneys with the knowledge of Power Dressing I had to be able to talk with authority and I did my first Image Consulting ourse with Colour Worx International. After retirement I came to the conclusion that my lifestyle had change, my body had change and I now have to rediscover myself.  So I enrolled and did my next course with By ferial and was internationaly certified as Image and Style Consultant I am also a member of AICI.

It feels to me that I am now completing the circle…. From corporate and business dressing to my own unique style in the new season of my life.